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What's Your Pitch

Written by Dom Liberati on July 12, 2014

Have you ever been at a mixer or professional gathering and stumbled when someone asked you what you do? We take for granted that people will understand our mission and career path.

Preparation can be key when explaining, well, you.

When I was 23 years old, I had just moved into Hollywood. I was ready to make my mark. Invited to my first “industry event,” I was pumped to strut my stuff and make an impression. Priding myself on being a singer, songwriter, producer, session musician, and engineer, I wasn’t short on having things to talk about.

I didn’t realize how that would actually become my weakness.

Whether we like it or not, leaders must always be “on.” Regardless if it's a casual, informal setting, or a business conference, we always have an opportunity to make an impression and build our network. It may seem cheesy, or even fake, but having a mission statement or even a slightly rehearsed “pitch” could establish key relationships.

Years ago, I didn’t have my pitch prepared. I came off jumbled and unfocused. Instead of communicating my versatility and multiple talents, I left people wondering, “so, what does he do again?”

If you have a passion, goal, or mission, think about your pitch.

What makes you, you?

What sets you apart from everyone else? What motivates you? Where do you see yourself? Meditate on it and then streamline it. If you have multiple talents, discuss one or two that correlate with whom you’re talking. For instance, I would discuss my songwriting and musicianship with a producer, rather than that I’m a producer, realizing I would better suit him with the former talents in a business setting.

Nobody knows you like you.

Nobody knows what you want to become more than yourself, so be sure that you are your best communicator.

Practice your pitch!

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