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Living Amplified

Written by Dom Liberati on Sept. 28, 2014

I feel like I should start this post with the famous lyrics “At first I was afraid, I was petrified…” We all know those beginning lyrics to “I Will Survive.”

As comical as that is, it was my sentiment at one point in time. When I first started touring with solo acoustic shows, I had this fear of invading people’s space, or being too loud in an intimate performance setting. I was writing high-energy rock songs that called for stadium anthems, but had a fear of letting loose vocally, resulting in underwhelming performances.

This only occurred in small, intimate settings. It seems that I saw larger crowds and bigger sound systems as a safety net. I was the most relaxed man in the world in front of thousands, but would tense up for a show of 30 people.

When I had amplification, I was set, but when I was the source of amplification, I withdrew.

I explained my fear to a songwriter and producer friend of mine, Ran Jackson of the The Daylights. Ran laughed and said,

“Dude, sometimes you just gotta be a foghorn. I mean this is rock n’ roll.”

He was right.

If you truly believe in something then you shouldn’t be apologetic or timid about communicating it. You should be bold...like a foghorn.

A foghorn is a loud voice calling out in the dark haze. A foghorn communicates the location of a vessel, and identifies the relationship between that vessel and others. It serves the lost and the storm-ridden. A foghorn is a voice amplified.

THAT is what I strive for my voice to be.

Maybe your foghorn isn’t your voice; maybe it’s your actions. Maybe you are the source of amplification through your attitude or deeds. Living amplified for your mission is an everyday discipline for which we should strive.

Today, no matter if it’s 5 people or 5 thousand, my voice is amplified.

Do you believe in what you're saying? Are you bold about communicating it, whether through words or otherwise?

Blast through the fog. Be loud and be proud.

Live life amplified. [tweet this]


Original post date June 6, 2014

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