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Say Anything - In 6 Words!

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on April 26, 2014

Can you convey the essence of a topic in a few words?

“In 6 words” is a powerful concept of restraint and focus. And it's effective. While I can't name a single John Mayer song, I can recall the 6 word description of a John Mayer CD (Born and Raised) from over 18 months ago: “Bluesy rocker takes a country road." (Southwest Airlines inflight magazine, Spirit, May 2012)

Not only is the concept powerful and memorable, it is simple. When I asked my 14 year old nephew, Benjamin, to describe himself in 6 words he said, "if anyone asks, it wasn't me."

Recently I challenged my friends to write their mission statement in 6 words. Here's mine, “Committing my voice to those without.”

Take a look and be inspired.

Navin Battu, owner, founder Sinzenta

"Man trying to be without trying"

Paul Smith, author, “Lead with a Story”

"corporate escape artist: ready. . . to. . . JUMP!’“

Mary Atherton, Director Communications, The Wella Corporation

"To work is to pray..." (I know, five words. But in Latin, it's only three!)

Jon Levy, Musician, Singer; Songwriter; Producer

"A solitary man singing his song"

Yinka Osidipe, Operations Director, The Wella Corporation

"God Guides, We Grind..Now Go!"

I challenge you to use “6 words. No more. No less."

“Evoke editor signing off – Challenge issued!”

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Want to see more in 6 words? Check out the bios on Evoke's Contributors' page. And here are some stories "in 6 words" from Wired Magazine Wired: Very Short Stories

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