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Finding Your Way Home

Written by Dom Liberati on June 29, 2014

I am an adventurer and explorer.

Sleeping in a new city every night is a thrill for me, but being on tour for most of this year has made me appreciate the idea of home SO MUCH MORE than I ever did. After a while, having no constant or anchor can disorient and derail.

As leaders, we want to be heroes of sorts. Well guess what? Even Superheroes had their homes. Superman had the Fortress of Solitude, and Batman had his Batcave. They all had a place to recharge and reassess their game plans.

What is home to you?

Is it a physical dwelling? A person? Or maybe even an idea or state of mind? What or who do you consider your anchor or safe haven? Whatever home is to you, it usually says a lot about who you are and where you’re going on your journey.

Rolling stones tumble and crack in time.

My faith, my family, my parents’ house in which I grew up, and my own “batcave” in L.A. are home to me. These are the places I return for strength, perspective, and strategy. There’s a real strength that we draw from when returning to our safe havens. Leaders need a strong foundation upon which to build.

Everyone needs a true north on his or her compass.

Take a second to reflect on what you consider to be HOME. Do have a safe haven, a true north? What does your home say about you? Finding HOME will ultimately make us more effective, and unwavering leaders.


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