unlock hidden, untapped and unrealized potential

(v): to unlock hidden, untapped and unrealized potential.

I love helping people exceed.

There's nothing like the moment when the light goes on in someone's eyes: the moment when the impossible becomes possible, and "I can't" becomes "I CAN!"

I'm a junkie for the "I CAN" moment.

Early in my career I didn't understand my potential. Not at all. I had strong skills and results, and I was a good manager. I was a top 30%er hoping one day to become a top 15%er. I didn't know that one individual could make a significant difference for many. I didn't know there was a difference between managers and leaders.

Until someone taught me to exceed.

My mentor taught me the importance of goals and high expectations. From there I learned to strive for excellence and to have the courage to try. I learned that people want to be led and led well and will rise to the occasion to do the impossible. I learned to be a leader.

I became the first Asian American woman in P&G's Supply Chain function to be promoted to the top 1% of management. I was the first woman manager of Japanese descent to lead a supply chain organization in P&G Japan. I had an amazing corporate career because once upon a time, someone saw the extraordinary in me, something I didn't see in myself, and unlocked my potential.

Now I'm on a mission to unlock potential.


I launched Evoke.pro to help you exceed, and achieve your "I CAN" moments. I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Together, let's evoke extraordinary!


Rebecca Okamoto is the founder and editor of Evoke.pro, a virtual mentor for career insights and leadership development. She believes that in every person there is hidden and unrealized potential waiting to be tapped.

Rebecca is a former P&G supply chain executive who led organizations across North America, Latin America and Asia. She spanned multiple industries like Beauty, Snacks, and Paper, and participated on the leadership teams from small acquisitions to billion dollar brands. She also developed corporate programs for retaining talent and reversing attrition.

Today Rebecca is the Principal of REO Consulting, and specializes in developing supply chain solutions that drive top and bottom line results. In addition to writing and editing for Evoke.pro, Rebecca is a speaker and popular mentor, and a member of the Northern California chapter of the Network for Executive Women.