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This 1 Minute LinkedIn Makeover Will Make Your Profile Instantly More Engaging

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on March 3, 2019

I know you're in a hurry.

You just heard about the perfect job and the clock is ticking. You get ready to apply, then look at your LinkedIn profile. Uh oh. Something's missing. But what?

You make a quick assessment

  • Headline - Ok

  • Summary - Accurate

  • Experience - Up to date

Your profile works... BUT it doesn't stand out. There's no time to waste. You need to amp it up. NOW.

Try this 1 minute LinkedIn makeover tip and be instantly more interesting.

Add spaces to make your paragraphs more skimmable

Really? Spaces?


Spaces matter.

See for yourself.

Take a look at this before and after.

It's the same summary, but the right side is broken into 3 shorter paragraphs


Big difference, right?

In this age of information overload and super short attention spans, people don't read - they skim. Your profile becomes instantly more readable, skimmable and engaging with shorter blocks of text.

Here are a few more tips to make your profile more skimmable

  1. Your paragraphs should be 1-4 lines long. Whether that's 1 long sentence, 4 short ones or something in between, watch the total number of lines.

  2. It's ok to have a 1 line paragraph. Especially if it's the introductory line to your summary, or something you want to emphasize between paragraphs.

  3. Visually edit your profile. Experiment with where you place the paragraph breaks and make your profile visually appealing.

  4. Make all your content skimmable Check out these tips from Jeff Goins on what makes content visually engaging and skimmable.

Don't focus only on the content.

Make your profile more visually appealing for someone to read.

And they will.

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