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3 ways to explain your unique advantage in 20 words or less [TEMPLATES]

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Dec. 27, 2019

Quick. What makes you unique?

Think. Think. Think.

If you’re like me, you’re probably drawing a blank.

Describing my unique advantage always confounded me. I’ve spent hours and hours racking my brain over, "How can I explain that I’m the ONLY ONE?”

Trying to explain my unique advantage left me either rambling with long and confusing details, or blurting out a random answer.

Eventually I resigned myself to winging it and hoping that I wouldn’t be asked.

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Then I read the dictionary definition of unique, and it reframed how I thought about my unique advantage.

I was always fixated on the first definition of unique:

  • “Being the ONLY one.”

But there’s another definition:

  • “Able to be distinguished from all others of its class or type”

Oooh. That changed things.

I was so locked into identifying why I was "the only one" that I never explored other ways to describe what made me different. Then I started researching other examples, and came up with multiple ways to distinguish my business from my competition.

Are you stuck on how to describe your unique advantage?

Here are 3 ways to describe your unique advantage in 20 words or less

Explain your unique differentiator

IF you know what makes you unique, then go ahead and explain your unique advantage.

BUT to capture today’s split second attention spans, your unique advantage needs to meet 2 criteria:

  • You have to be able to describe your advantage in simple and clear terms. No jargon or technical explanations.
  • Your unique advantage has to be something that your listener wants.

I help [my target audience] achieve [a benefit they desire] through [my unique differentiator]

  • I help entrepreneurs struggling with their clarity, explain their value in 20 words or less.

Compare this to an explanation that's technically accurate, but jargony.

  • I help entrepreneurs apply neuroscience principles and low cognitive load theory to reposition their advantage and clearly explain their value.

An advantage is only worthwhile if your listener understands it and values it. If you can say “yes” to both criteria, then this is the right template for you.

Describe a unique target audience

Here’s a different way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Instead of describing your unique advantage, describe a unique audience.

Be the single best provider for a narrow niche, and you’ll automatically standout as the expert versus the generalists.

I’m a [specific role/ title] and I help [niche target audience] achieve [a benefit they desire]

Here’s an example for executive coaching.

  • I’m a career reinvention coach, and I help women over 50 rebrand, restart and relaunch new and fulfilling careers.

Compare this to a broad scope for executive coaching:

  • I coach multinational executives and offer programs for executives, managers, teams, individuals and couples.

Which one stands out to you? And which is easier for you to remember?

And there’s a hidden bonus for being specific. Even if you have a narrow focus, if you’re an expert, people will ask you about adjacent skills and programs.

Break a long standing constraint with a surprising method

Do you have a unique advantage, but have no idea how to name it? No worries. Focus on HOW you break the constraint and highlight an aspirational outcome your audience can achieve.

I help [target audience] who want [statement of need] but are blocked by [statement of constraint], achieve [statement of aspirational desire]

  • We help businesses who want more professional quality videos but don’t have the resources, create awesome videos using mobile phones.

When your listener hears your unique advantage, they should think, “Finally… someone can help me!” or “Whoa, that’s incredible!”

Hooray! No more stumbling over your words or awkward explanations.

You are unique and now you have 3 different ways to tell the world in only 20 words!


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