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What I Believe as a Leader

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Dec. 29, 2013

What do I believe as a leader? I probably don't sit down often enough and reflect on what I believe. I'm glad I did. I'm always inspired when I think of the amazing leaders who invested in me and challenged me to be my best.

Happy New Year! Together let's evoke extraordinary - Rebecca

  1. Character matters. The currency of leadership is character.
  2. Leaders matter. I believe in the power of leaders to transform.
  3. People want to be led and led well. There is a leadership void, and people are waiting to be led.
  4. Command is lonely. (Colin Powell)
  5. Passion counts.
  6. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded (Luke 12:48)
  7. Set high expectations. People will rise the challenge.
  8. We become who we believe we are.
  9. People are extraordinary.
  10. My voice matters. My voice is an instrument of change.

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