unlock hidden, untapped and unrealized potential


Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Dec. 29, 2013

We are surrounded by untapped, unrealized, and hidden potential.

Last October Gallup released a study stating that only 13% of employees worldwide are fully engaged at work. More sobering is that 24% are actively disengaged at work.

Gallup's finding that the vast majority of employees worldwide report an overall negative experience at work -- and just one in eight are fully involved in and enthusiastic about their jobs -- is important when considering why the global recovery remains sluggish, while social unrest abounds in many countries.^1

When I read these types of statistics, I see people waiting for someone to step in. Who are people waiting for? They are waiting for us.

Evoke means to draw out something hidden, untapped or unrealized. Perhaps individually we cannot shift the entire equation, but together, I believe we can evoke extraordinary.

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