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The Simple Secret of Earning Influence

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Aug. 17, 2014

"Think like a person of action; act like a person of thought." Howard Behar [tweet this]

I wish I had started blogging much earlier in my career. I would have been a MUCH better leader and connector.

And humbler.

I blogged about what I thought was important for my readers to know, so the topics resonated with me, but NOT ncessarily my readers. I was trying to command respect by imparting my wisdom.

Until I was challenged to EARN the clicks of my readers.

I read a post in copyblogger.com that challenged me to write for ONE fan, my favorite fan. The post asked what I knew about my favorite fan. That made me wonder, "Do I know how to earn the click of my fan"?

The next post I wrote was for ONE person, my favorite fan. I reminded myself that first and foremost, my favorite fan gives up HIS time just to read MY content. I thought about HIS challenges and fears, not mine. HIS potential, not mine.

After I posted it, several people wrote to me and told me they thought I was speaking just to them. And I finally started to understand:

Writing is for the reader, not the writer.

Oh. wow.

That simple truth made me reflect on my leadership.

Was I a selfish leader? Did I command too much? Did I really understand each person and their dreams, challenges and motivations? When they spoke, was I truly listening or was I formulating my response before they were done?

Leadership is a choice.

I cannot be the best leader unless I choose to put my readers first, my clients first and my followers first. True leadership is earning influence, not commanding respect.

Today, choose to put your organization first. Choose to listen, hear, and understand. Then when you act, you'll understand:

Leadership is for the follower, NOT the leader. [tweet this]

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