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No Apologies Needed

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on April 5, 2015

Recently I attended a beautifully catered business event. The food was fantastic, the decor perfect and the service professional.

I looked for the caterer to express my appreciation. When she gave me her business card, I asked her how long she had been in business. The caterer hesitated, then said in an apologetic voice, "Oh, I started just six months ago."

I was struck by her tone.

She had nothing to be apologetic about, yet she diminished herself.

It made me wonder how many times have I done the same.

Why do we apologize for a job well done?

Why do we hesitate when someone compliments us?

Diminishing ourselves is not the same as being humble. Nor is it the same as being appreciative of a compliment.

Let's change the tenor of our conversations.

When someone compliments us, let's say, "Thank you" with a smile of appreciation. When someone notices our skills, let's respond, "Thanks for noticing - I'm working hard at it."

And when we're asked about a launching a new career, let's reply with pride, "I love having the opportunity to follow my passion."

No apologies needed.

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