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Staying in Line: The Art of Persistence

Written by Dom Liberati on June 1, 2014

What if the journey to your goal was really just a long line? Like waiting to checkout at the grocery store, or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, what if you had to simply wait your turn to “hit?”

I once heard an interview with music group, Fitz and the Tantrums in which the lead singer referred to the music industry as "a long line". I could instantly relate and began to realize how spot-on that was in every industry.

There are countless factors that come in to play when achieving success. There's a multitude of instructional guides, seminars, and inspirational speeches to educate, motivate, and explore the factors that can take us to the top. But the art of persistence, of simply staying in line, is underrated and often overlooked.

Patience is a virtue.

Our journeys can get rough and tough. Life can slap us in the face. Sometimes staying in line can be the hardest part of the journey. As we get older, other priorities, distractions, and adversities come into play and attempt to take us out of line. Being focused, persistent, and resistant to the forces that pull us out of line takes faith: faith in ourselves, in our cause, and in who we want to become.

So here’s to patience and persistence, and to those of you who are still standing in line. Don’t lose your place. You're almost there!


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