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The Curse of Comparison

Written by Dom Liberati on Sept. 14, 2014

As emerging leaders, we are constantly competing with one another to accomplish goals and “get to the top.” But sometimes we take it too far. We find ourselves comparing our lives or successes with that of our peers.

Competition is healthy and necessary, but comparison is hazardous.

Over the years, I’ve caught myself comparing my story to someone else’s. When friends would land big tours or label deals, I felt like I wasn’t keeping up with the pack: “What was I doing wrong that I wasn’t having these successes?” I would then start comparing my traits versus my peers’ traits: “Maybe I need to be more 'x' and less 'y'.

Comparison can be a HUGE productivity killer. How are we to lead effectively if we aren’t comfortable in our own skin? We need to live our story, not someone else’s.

I encourage you to be more aware of comparing yourself to others. Be confident in yourself and in your mission, and know that things will unfold and progress at the right pace for YOU. Celebrate in others’ successes and learn, but do not covet. It’s a healthy challenge we all should eagerly accept.

If our path is all we can steer, then why do we compare ourselves to others? How we get to our goal is arguably more substantial than the goal itself. So let’s own our stories.


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