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How to Beat the "I've-Got-No-Time-to-Network" Blues

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Oct. 12, 2014

Are you still searching for the perfect life?

The one where you FINALLY have the time to network?

Networking was always the first thing to be sacrificed from my To-Do list when things got crazy. I always told myself, "I'll get to it."

But I never did.

No one needed to tell me the importance of networking. I knew first hand how I benefited from it. Yet I still had trouble getting around to it.

Until now.

Recently I was introduced to power networking by Roger Young, a multi-media consultant.

Roger's been in business for 34 years and has grown revenue year on year with only word of mouth advertising. Long before Facebook and LinkedIn, Roger built an enviable A-List client roster through power networking.

I was stunned to learn that Roger was able to network with 20-50 people a week. While I was struggling to schedule 1-2 meetings a week, Roger was powering through 10-20 times more contacts.

Every Friday Roger would block out an hour or two for networking. But instead of calling 1 or 2 contacts, he would use an egg timer and give his contacts 3 minutes each.

3 minutes.

3 minutes to touch base, get an update or give advice. Roger didn't use the time to cultivate relationships, he used it to keep his name in front of people.

Here are 5 of Roger’s power networking tips

  1. Schedule time for networking. Roger blocked out early Friday afternoons because his clients were often reviewing the current week in order to plan for the next week. Find your sweet spot and block the time.

  2. Focus on quick updates. The objective is to boost your exposure and keep you name in front of people. Discipline yourself to be brief.

  3. Use your social media to maintain a presence - this keeps your name in the forefront, but you're in control of your time. Join discussion groups, post comments and share information.

  4. Invest networking time wisely. Not all contacts are equal, so don’t spend your time equally with everyone. Roger uses face to face meetings and makes longer calls, but only with his high leverage contacts.

  5. Nothing beats personal contact. While others are busily blogging and emailing newsletters, Roger uses the personal touch with an old fashioned phone call. That way he can hear their responses and concerns, and schedule a follow up call if needed.

Now you can beat your "No-Time-for-Networking" blues.

You may still be searching for the perfect life, but you'll finally be able to cross networking off your To-Do list.

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