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How to Find the Courage to Tell a Hidden Story

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Sept. 28, 2014

"I became a witness with a choice: to run away or to stand still." Eman Mohammed Twitter icon

Are you struggling to find the courage to break out?

Are you searching for the self help book that really resonates?

What if the path was much simpler, but harder?


Here's a compelling TEDTalk from Eman Mohammed, one of the few female photojournalists in the Gaza Strip. Ms. Mohammed simply says of her chosen profession:

"My work is not to hide the scars of war, but to show the full frame of hidden stories of Gazans."

She could easily call herself a victim.

Instead she chooses to see herself as a "witness with a choice."

What do you choose?

Published September 24, 2014

Eman Mohammed is one of the few female photojournalists in the Gaza Strip. Though openly shunned by many of her male colleagues, she is given unprecedented access to areas denied to men. In this short, visual talk, she critiques gender norms in her community by bringing light to hidden stories.

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