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The One Phrase that Kills Credibility

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Sept. 28, 2014

"Weakness of attitude becomes a weakness of character." Albert Einstein Twitter icon

Do you want to kill your credibility?

Turn a blind eye.

I have seen it time and time again. Some turn a blind eye on the littlest items for the sake of convenience. Some turn a blind eye on the big stuff.

Big or little it says something about character.

During my first plant assignment a finance manager told me he would “turn a blind eye” to boosting an expense report by $200. He didn’t know how to fix a payroll error, and he didn’t want to bother looking up the policy.

It might have been the easy thing to do, but it wasn't right.

I asked him, “You're telling me to falsify an expense report because you don't want to look up the policy?" Startled, he asked me to not say anything about his response.

Now he was asking me to turn a blind eye.

All of his work became suspect.

He destroyed his credibility for what, 30 minutes of his time ? People know when their leaders deliberately ignore the obvious, big or little.

You can turn a blind eye, but your organization isn't blind. Twitter icon

What's your credibility worth to you?

Let's keep our eyes wide open.

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