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Written by Rebecca Okamoto on April 12, 2014

Momentum is how much force one object can have on another object.

Momentum is also the power of an object when it's moving. An object's mass multiplied by its velocity equals its momentum.

For example, a bowling ball (large mass) pushed very slowly (low velocity) can hit a glass door and not break it, while a baseball (small mass) can be thrown fast (high velocity) and break the same glass door. In this case the baseball has a larger momentum than the bowling ball. Not only does the baseball have more power, it will go farther!

One more fact about momentum: any object at rest (zero velocity), regardless of size, has zero momentum.

How’s your momentum these days? Are there others exerting force on you? Are you weighed down by too many “priorities," or carrying a "mass at rest" that's depleting your power? Perhaps you are a large object moving slowly without a lot of force at impact.

Or are you a sleek, point of energy, moving rapidly towards your focus?

Check your momentum. It may be time to shed some unproductive tasks, people, or paradigms.

Let’s go fast and let's go the distance!

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