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Speak to Your Future Audience

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on Jan. 4, 2014

Compelling speakers convey a message so powerful that their message is repeated, not just by the audience sitting in front of them, but by the unseen audience who will hear the message in the future. They speak to their future audience.

One of my close friends, Elia Lopez, is the Plant Manager of one of P&G's biggest manufacturing facilities. She and I were recently talking about communications, and she told me about a key note speaker that captivated her organization.

The speaker was Brigadier General (retired) Becky Halstead. Among General Halstead's many achievements is becoming the first woman in US history to command in combat at the strategic level. About a year ago Elia heard her speak, and impressed by the General's message, Elia asked her to speak at the site's business event.

One of General Halstead’s core messages was, "Shift happens, response matters." She emphasized that leaders have a choice in where to invest their time and capabilities. Changes are inevitable, so leaders need to spend their time where it matters: in the ability to respond to change. "Shift happens, response matters."

Elia's organization was inspired by General Halstead, and weeks later people were still quoting her. Elia, compelled by the message and its impact on her plant, shared it with me. And now almost 12 months after Elia originally saw General Halstead speak, I can relay the same message with clarity, even though I never saw the General speak.

You and I are the General's future audience. We are the unseen audience she was speaking to through her original audience. “Shift happens, response matters.”

Today's message is speaking into the future. Invest in it today.

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