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5 Introductions that Get People to Say “Tell Me More”

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on April 12, 2015

“So, what does a career and communications coach do?”

I’m sitting with a couple of entrepreneurs, and I’m chatting with the woman next to me. She just described her role as an executive director of a nearby company. Now it’s my turn:

“I help people who have something to say, but struggle to say it.”

She leaned in.

“Wow. You’ll have to tell me more. I know some people who could use the help.”

We talked for a few more minutes, and now I'm invited to her business to discuss opportunities.

Who doesn't want to captivate their audience?

It wasn't so long ago that my introductions were awkward and rushed.

I often rambled.

Or talked in circles.

I didn't know how to quickly and confidently introduce myself, and invite the listener lean in and say, "Tell me more."

Then I started studying compelling personal brandlines and profiles, and found a smart and simple way to create captivating introductions.

Would you like to know more?

Use these guidelines:

Start with a simple headline. Your headline is a summary of who you are and what you do in 20 words or less. Keep it short and sweet. If it's hard for you to remember, it will be impossible for your audience to remember.

Passion is contagious. Use the power of emotions to connect. Identify ONE emotion you want your audience to feel when they read or hear your headline: Inspired? Confident? Intrigued?

Use a reference point to guide you. Find a few headlines that you like and use them as a starting point. This shortcut will cut hours from creating your headline.

Tell a story. Once you hook your audience, tell a story that illustrates your headline. Your story gives your introduction authenticity. Bonus! You won't have to memorize a pitch.

Ready to try?

Here are 5 powerful, yet simple personal brand headlines. Put the guidelines to work with each one and you will have 5 smart and simple ways to introduce yourself and captivate your audience.

  1. Aspirational

    Do you want to be known as a guide to an aspirational future? Show contrast between two different states. I edited this from The Minimalists:

    ”Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff.”

    This is a clear, purposeful lifestyle mantra. And what makes it aspirational is the contrast: MEANINGFUL life. LESS stuff.

    I used their headline to write mine as a communications coach:

    I help people who have something to say, but struggle to say it."

  2. Direct and Confident

    If you’re great at what you do, declare it with confidence.

    I found a post by Paul Parkin while looking on LinkedIn. I don't recall the post, but I've never forgotten his personal headline:

    "I help small businesses make more money. Period."

    Are you direct and confident? Can you get results others can't? Make a short, declarative promise. Paul has since changed his headline, but the original one works for me.

    Here's how I would declare my brand:

    I help people create powerful personal brands that captivate their audience.

  3. Transformational

    Do you specialize in transformations? Use this formula: "I transform/translate/convert something into something different.

    Here's a transformational statement from Acclaro Design:

    Big and small, our clients hire us to translate complex problems into simple and elegant user experiences."

    For me, I help my clients transform their communications:

    ”I make complicated ideas easy for anyone to understand and communicate."

  4. Connecting

    If you're a connector this is how to say it. Tell your audience, "I'll connect you to something you want." This is example is from Evan Proctor. Are you ready to connect with Evan?

    Connecting talented Veterans and Professionals to careers."

    This is what I connect:

    I connect people to opportunities and turn potential into success."

  5. Inspirational

    Do you want to evoke a sense of mission and passion? This is one of my favorites from storyteller consultant, Paul Smith:

    I’m on a mission to make the world a better place, one story at a time.

    If you have conviction, then say so. Instead of saying what you do, state your passion.

    My mission:

    I’m on a mission to unlock the potential of people and ideas."

In a world where everyone is talking, it’s hard to be heard.

You need an introduction that's simple for you to say and easy for your audience to remember.

Why don't you tell me more about yourself...

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