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Leadership Lessons from The Who's "Magic Bus"

Written by Jim Keighley on March 2, 2014

In my experience, I've learned that managing people in Corporate America is like driving a school bus – but not just any school bus – it's a "special" Corporate school bus.

Is your Boss a Single Point of Failure?

Written by Jim Keighley on March 23, 2014

The days of any one individual (aka "the boss") providing the best coaching and direction for everything are over!

How to Stand Out in a Career Crowd

Written by Jim Keighley on Sept. 7, 2014

Many people mid-career feel trapped. Are you one of them?

Do You HEAR Me? The Difference between Listening and Hearing

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on March 23, 2014

Is there a difference between listening and hearing? How many times have you said, "Are you LISTENING to me?" or "Did you HEAR what I said?"

How to Design a Career that Lasts and Lasts

Written by Jim Keighley on Sept. 28, 2014

Looking to develop a career that lasts and lasts? Here's advice from popular coach Jim Keighley on building the right foundation for long term success.

Rock Your Join Up

Written by Jim Keighley on April 20, 2014

We're all new at many points in our career. Your leader expects you to quickly bring something the team needs. Do you know what that is?

How my Plant Nurse Taught me to Make Missions More Meaningful

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on May 22, 2014

Is your organization struggling to connect to the business? Here's how one P&G plant nurse taught me how to add meaning to the business mission

Out Manage Your Micro-Managing Boss

Written by Rebecca Okamoto on June 22, 2014

Under your boss’ thumb? DON'T let your career be hijacked by one person. Refocus on the ways you can power your career and soon you'll out manage the micro-manager.